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My chosen fields of specialisation are literary and audio-visual translation, but I also take on other projects.

To have your content translated is to make it accessible. Both to people of different cultures and of your own, in the case of visually and hearing impaired people.
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Literary translation

I have worked with Lorenzo Hernández Pallarés since 2018. He is the president of the Asociación Iberoamericana de Cuentoterapia, founder of a therapeutic approach based on storytelling.

I have translated books such as: What do you do with a problem by Kobi Yamada, Ruby's Wish by Shirin Yim, and Julian, by Anne-Marie Chapouton, among others.

Audio-visual translation

Experience in subtitling, voice-over, script translation.

Translation of multimedia content: film, documentary, online talks, online content on platforms like YouTube, etc.

I can provide accessible translation for people with a hearing (SDH) or visual (audiodescription) impairment or disability. Translating is a bridge not only between cultures, but between diverse people.

I adapt to the client's prefered software. I have worked with Subtitle Workshop, Atlas, Excel, AEGISUB...


Online content creation

In 2019 I co-founded an online platform on LGBT and gender equality content which was awarded Best Social Project in 2020 by UMUemprende. I am available to take part in similar projects.

Collaborations and activism

If you have a social project, NGO or activist group and you believe we could work together, contact me and we can find a way to do it.

How can I help you?

Interpreting is oral translation. It is used in meetings, conferences, speeches, etc.

I mostly have experience in legal interpreting, but I work with all kinds of interpreting (cultural, personal, administrative...)

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Bilateral interpreting

Bilateral interpreting is used in interviews, meetings, consultations, etc. Where two or more people don't share a language.

The parties speak in turns and the interpreter translates, switching between languages.

I have all the necessary equipment to adapt to online interpreting.

Even if one of the speakers has some notions of both languages, it is always advisable to bring an interpreter, to ensure the communication is fluid, accurate, and that every party can completely focus on the matter at hand.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is used in conferences or events with a larger number of attendants.

The interpreter translates what one or several speakers are saying with a gap of only a few seconds (décalage). People hear the translation through headphones.

Necessary equipment: microphone, earphones, a soundproof cabin and a team of two interpreters.



Whispered interpreting or chuchotage

Whispered interpreting can be used when only one or two people don't speak the shared language. The interpreter sits behind them and translates the information in a lower voice.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter translates after longer interventions (5 to 30 minutes). It's an option when there's no equipment.

Training and education

I have a degree in Translation and Interpreting.

During my education, I was an intern on the EMOTRA project, regarding the emotional impact of different types of translation. I also took part in a project regarding accessibility in multimedia content for people with hearing and visual impairment or disability.

My final investigation project (TFG), directed by doctor MªÁngeles Orts Llopis, was a contrastive analysis of legal texts from the the perspective of Critical Discourse Studies (CDS).

I received training in oratory and persuasion during my years in my University's debating club.

I continue to work on my skills daily, cultivating a deep understanding of the languages I work with and the different cultures and professional spheres that use them. 

About me

My name is Ana Conway.
I try to bring the values from my personal life into my job, and approach my professional relationships with kindness, flexibility and thoroughness. 

I was born and raised in the South of Spain, but I am half-Scottish, so I belong to both lands and I am bilingual from birth.

I am passionate about communication and cultural and personal relationships.

I studied Translation and Interpreting because I wanted to build bridges between people who don't speak a common language. I am currently studying a degree in Psychology because I want to explore how language represents, creates and transforms reality.

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